The film industry is increasingly becoming digitalized and people are purchasing movies by streaming them online. But this doesn’t mean that Blu-Ray discs and Blu-Ray player sales will decrease. People still like owning the physical disc and having the chance to watch it on a large screen television without any problems. So if you are thinking that Blu-Rays are dead, then you might want to give a second thought on that.

Blu-Rays are still Relevant

There are many reasons why people still buy Blu-Rays, such as preferring higher quality than streaming can provide or wanting to support their favorite movie studios.

Blu-Ray players also offer more features than most smart TVs, which is an appealing feature for some buyers.

A Showoff Piece

People use Blu-Rays to show off home theaters or media rooms, or simply collect their favorite titles. Blu-Rays also offer extra content that may not be included with a digital purchase, which is appealing for some.