Festival credentials can be picked up Wednesday--Sunday from 10 am--5 pm at Will Call. If you haven't already bought your tickets, now's the time!

  • Filmmaker's Beach Bash
  • Women in Film
  • Sunset Cultural Arts Center
  • Patrón Filmmakers Party

Latest News:

The countdown to the Carmel International Film Festival is on! Get your tickets now! "The Producer" is your complete film and party pass -- including the star studded "after" parties. The "Essential Credential" includes Filmmakers Welcome Party and all films. "All-Access Film" is your pass to all films, all day, all night, all venues! Single tickets are sold for $10 cash at the door while seats are available.

Festival credentials can be picked up at Will Call (located at the Sunset Center) on Wednesday--Sunday between 10 am and 5 pm.

Nightcrawler Trailer

Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a blood-thirsty crime photographer who rushes to scenes of gruesome murders, home invasions and robberies in order to sell the footage to local television stations in "Nightcrawler."