Film Schedule

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    Carmel Youth Center
    Remember Me 10:00AM Feature
    The Hollywood Shorties 12:30PM Documentary
    Redistributors 3:30PM Feature
    Shorts Program #4 2:00PM Shorts #4
    Hidden Valley Music Seminars
    Rental 10:00AM Feature
    Shorts Program #2 12:30PM Shorts #2
    Insatiable: The Homaro Cantu Story ​​​3:00PM Documentary
    Sunset Cultural Center-Main Theater
    Super Sex​​​​​​ 8:00PM Short
    The Space Between 8:30PM Feature
    Carmel Youth Center-Theater 1
    A Family Affair​​​​​ 10:00AM​ Documentary​​​
    Shorts Program #3​​​​​ 12:30PM Shorts #3
    Rental​​​​​​​ 3:30PM Feature
    Carmel Youth Center-Theater 2
    CIFF4WORD​​​​​​ 5:30PM CIFF4WORD
    Hidden Valley Music Seminars
    Shorts Program #1​​​​​ 10:00AM Shorts #1
    Vince Giordano-There’s a Future in the Past​​ 12:30PM Documentary
    Passion for Planet​​​​​​​ 3:00PM Documentary
    MIIS Theater
    The Pearl of Africa​​​​​ 5:30PM Documentary
    Imperfect Sky​​​​​​ 7:30PM Feature
    Sunset Cultural Center-Main Theater
    Good Fortune​​​​​​ 8:00PM Documentary
    Lighthouse Cinema
    Gleason​​​​​​ 6:00PM
    Trespass Against Us 8:30PM Feature
    Carmel High School
    Indivisible​​​​​​ 10:00AM Documentary
    Resilience​​​​​​ 11:45AM Documentary
    A Spark of Nerve​​​​​ 5:30PM Documentary
    The Tiger Hunter​​​​​ 8:30PM Feature
    Carmel Youth Center-Theater 1
    Panel Discussion​​​​​ 10:00AM Panel Discussion
    The Other Kids​​​​​ 12:00PM Feature
    Ovarian Psycos​​​​​ 3:00PM Documentary
    Shorts Program #2​​​​​ 5:00PM Shorts #2
    Carmel Youth Center-Theater 2
    CIFF4WORD​​​​​​ 3:30PM ​CIFF4WORD
    Hidden Valley Music Seminars
    Shorts Program #4​​​​​ 12:00PM Shorts #4
    Hooligan Sparrow​​​​​ 3:30PM Documentary
    Occupy, Texas​​​​​​ 8:30PM Feature​


    MIIS Theater
    Shorts Program #3​​​​​ 10:00AM​ Shorts #3​​​
    Chapman Shorts​​​​​ 12:30PM​ Chapman Shorts
    Remember Me​​​​​​ 3:00PM Feature​
    Winning​​​​​​ 5:30PM Documentary
    Manhattan Undying​​​​​ 8:30PM Feature
    Lighthouse Cinema
    Kubo and the Two Strings 2:00PM Feature
    Bleed for This 8:00PM
    Carmel High School
    Unlocking the Cage​​​​​ 10:00AM​ Documentary​​
    Flatball-The History of Ultimate​​​ 12:30PM​ Documentary
    Dusty & Me​​​​​​​​​​​​ 3:30PM Feature​


    Carmel Youth Center-Theater 1
    Shorts Program #1​​​​​ 10:00AM​ Shorts #1
    Best of Shorts​​​​​​ 12:30PM​ Best of Shorts
    Carmel Youth Center-Theater 2
    AFI​​​​​​​ 10:00AM​ ​AFI Shorts
    Hidden Valley Music Seminars
    The Untold Story​​​​​ 10:00AM​ Feature
    USC​​​​​​​ 12:00PM​ USC Shorts


Shorts Program #1​​​​

Albedo Absolute​​​​
Bernie and Rebecca​​​​
Dying to Live​​​​​
Notorious Corn​​​​

Shorts Program #2​​​​

Grace Note​​​​​
It Has to Be You​​​​
The Letter​​​​​

Shorts Program #3​​​​

Bogo the Clown​​​​
Brian Mickler​​​​​
I Did Not Forget You​​​​
The Purple Land​​​​

Shorts Program #4​​​​

Gold Heist​​​​​​​​​
Hearts and Minds: The Story of the Civil Marriage Collaborative​​
Rock ‘N’ Roll Island​​​​​​​​
The Leather Worker​​​​​​​​
The Secret Woman


Descending Justice​​​​
Dirty for 30​​​​​
Exchanging Baseball Diamonds for Sandlots: How Baseball “Saved” Many Internees in the Internment Camps​​​​
Periods Suck​​​​​

Best of Shorts

A Pointless Pencil – ​​​​Student
Come Away with Me​​​​ – Best of Shorts
Last Days​​​​​ – Best of Shorts
Out of the Village​​​​ – Best of Shorts
Pearl​​​​​​ – Best of Shorts
Shame​​​​​​ – Best of Shorts
The Telegram Man – ​​​​Best of Shorts