Directed by: Valerie Weiss

Running time: 90 minutes


Director Valerie Weiss makes her return to the Carmel International Film Festival with this

character-driven coming of age story, high school senior Beth struggles to decide whether to

stay local for college where she can continue to be the stabilizing force in her bipolar mother’s

life, or go to her dream college across the country. She vents her inner turmoil on her father

who, unable to endure the mother’s mental illness, has moved on and begun a new family.

Beth seeks distraction from her problems in a new boyfriend whose troubled past allows him to

empathize with her situation. The family’s secrets are exposed when a jealous classmate seeks

to reclaim the boyfriend’s affections.

Madison Davenport (“Noah”) and Taryn Manning (“Orange is the New Black”) star with Kurt

Fuller (“Midnight in Paris”) and Maddie Hasson (“Twisted”) in supporting roles. This is Weiss’

second trip to Carmel after her debut feature “Losing Control” screened here in 2012 before its

theatrical release.


Executive Producer: Valerie Weiss

Producer: Robert Johnson

Writer, Executive Producer: Moira McMahon Leeper

Original Music: John Swihart

Trailer: Trailer Not Yet Available